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I created Northwest Dragster Pictures (www.nwdragpics.com) as a site for display of hundreds of pictures I took at drag races in the 1960s.

I was just a kid and didn't have formal training or expensive equipment but knew some racers so had pretty good access. The guy that ran the Deer Park strip, Orville Moe, gave me a season pass and told his folks to let me wander around as long as I didn't put myself or anyone else in danger. Of course these were the days before everybody had a cell phone camera and before everybody got concerned about liability issues.

So, there are B&W and color pictures and a few 8mm movie clips from Deer Park Drag Strip, WA; Arlington, WA; Lions Drag Strip, CA and a few other places. I scanned a bunch but then got sidetracked. I hope to restart scanning sometime this winter (2015-2016) but only time will tell. If you want to see more, let me know. In addition to these old film images, I've started uploading photos from current car events I've been attending.

They are here

I hope to sell some of these pictures at reasonable prices to help defray my costs to get them into digital format. Send me an e-mail if you are interested greg@nwdragpics.com
Thanks Greg Staples

Added 11/05/2012. Photoshow from SEMA 2012 Added 8/16/2009. Photos from Goodguys 2009 event


Added 9/20/2008

The Deer Park Dragstrip reunion was great! Good to see old friends and also see younger folks interested in the hobby. Here are some snapshots from today.2008 Reunion

Here are some nostalgia pictures. Just click the links. So far, they aren't very well organized, just the first ones out of the box. As I do more, I should get better at it.

New Gallery #1     New Gallery #2

Here's a 40 second movie with the Chuck Poole's wheelstander and Joe Blalock's "bat car"   It's in WMV format and should play with Windows Media Player (be sure to allow pop-ups)


The following links are to 'freezeframes" from other 8mm clips

  Movie1 Movie2 Movie3 Movie4 Movie5 Movie6 Movie7 Movie8 

The following links are to 35mm pictures


Here are my cars  photo carousel

1927 Model T     1959 Chrysler New Yorker     1965 Plymouth Satellite    
Here are some recent car shows
2011 Reno Hot August Nights

  2012 Palouse Car Show  (requires windows movie player)

Here's a link to a great upholstery shop in Spokane

Classic Auto Trim 


New Gallery #1

New Gallery #2

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