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07/17/2012 Felts Field Movie.  See and hear a Stearman taxi out.

11/19/2011 November Meeting GO!

10/19/2011 October Meeting GO!

09/21/2011 September Meeting GO!

08/17/2011 August meeting GO!

06/15/2011 June meeting GO!

05/18/2011 May meeting GO!

04/20/2011 April meeting GO!

12/15/2010 Flight Christmas Party GO!

07/17/2010 Flight field trip to the Bird Museum  GO!

06/23/2010 Flight meeting at Felts Field  GO!

10/30/2009 KC-135 Incentive Flight    GO!

07/19/2007 Armed Forces and Aerospace Museum Reception   GO!

03/21/2007 Flight meeting at Felts Field  GO!

03/21/2007 Ed Parker's photos: Flight meeting at Felts Field  GO!

12/19/2007 Ed Parker's photos: Holiday Flight meeting   GO!

09/27/2008 Ed Parker's photos: Bird Museum field trip

                 (This will open windows media player in a new window.  Ed's photos are crisp in-
                 focus and high definition.  This slide show is low resolution to keep the
                 download size small and so doesn't really do justice to the originals.   But it does
                 give you a flavor of the event.  Enjoy.  )  GO!
                 Here's a high res copy of the dedication plaque.  GO!


Skyfest 2004  GO!



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