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Major, USAF (RET)
Entered Air Force 20 September 1950 Commission thru Aviation Cadet
Retired 31 March 1974
Meritorious Service Medal
Joint Service Commendation Medal @ OLC Air Force Commendation Medal @ OLC Combat Readiness Medal National Defense Medal
Vietnamese Service Medal Good Conduct Medal
American Expeditionary Force Medal
Letter of Commendation from Admiral McCain for support of SecDef Melvin Laird
Report on Vietnam to President Nixon
AIRCRAFT FLOWN: T-6, T-33, B-25, C-45, C-47, C-54, C-97, KC-97E, F, G
C-124, C-141, U-6, B-29, C-130, KC-135 and approximately 30 different civilian aircraft.
My favorite aircraft were the KC-97 which I flew for seven years because it was a dependable old work horse, and the C-54 which was comfortable and an excellent instrument platform.
ASSIGNMENTS AND POSITIONS: Photo interpreter, 5th Recon Tech, Travis AFB, CA 1951-1952 Co- Pilot, KC-97, Lake Charles AFB, LA 1953-1956 Pilot, KC-97, Mountain Home AFB, ill 1959-1964 Operations Plans Officer, Ernest Harmon AFB, Newfoundland 1964-1965 Copilot, C-124, Dover AFB, DE 1965-1967 Chief, Intelligence Division, 22nd Air Force, Travis AFB, CA 1967-1969 Special Projects Officer, Intelligence, UNC USFK, Seoul, Korea 1969-1970 Special Projects Officer, Targeting, CINCPAC 1970-1972 EWO Study Officer, Fairchild, AFB, WA 1972-1974
CAMPAIGNS AND COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Airlift missions in and out of South Vietnam
Escort Officer for CINCPAC (Adm. McCain)
Special Intelligence Briefings for Adm. McCain and Adm. Gaylor (NSA), Gen. Bennet (DIA), Lt Gen. Smith, Chief of Staff UNC/USFK, and Gen. Bonesteel, CINCUNC/USFK/8th Army. Escort Officer for Speaker of the House, Carl Albert and party.
Flew US Ambassador Butterworth from Maine to Newfoundland

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