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Raymond Cuddy Riches



Rank:  Captain (O6) 

Service: USN 

Officer Training:

        Oregon State College, NROTC Sept 1953-July 1954.
        U.S. Naval Academy, July 1954-June 1958. 
        U.S. Naval War College, Aug 1977-July 1978.

Pilot Training Class and Location:

        OI-12 1960, Pensacola FL

Retirement / Separation Date:

        Dec 1 1981, NAS Whidbey Island WA

Aircraft Flown: T-34, T-28, TS-2A, S-2C,F,D,E, P-3C, TF-9J, S-3A

Favorite Aircraft and Why: S-3A Viking, Most advanced weapon system and performance.

Career Assignments and Positions Held:

USS Midway CV-41; NAS Alameda CA, CIC watch officer, Air Intercept Controller, ECM Officer.

Naval Air Training Command; Pensacola FL, Student Naval Aviator.

VS-41; San Diego CA, Fleet Replacement Trainee.

VS-38; San Diego CA, Education Officer, Landing Signal Officer (LSO).

VT-31; Corpus Christi TX, Flight Instructor, LSO, CNAVTRA Staff LSO.

VS-21; San Diego CA, Training Officer, LSO.

Naval Plant Representative Office; Lockheed Burbank CA, Senior Project Officer, Production Acceptance Pilot.

Naval War College; Newport RI, Student, Senior officer course.

VS-41; San Diego CA, Executive Officer.

VS-21; San Diego CA, Commanding Officer.

Staff, Commander Seventh Fleet; Yokosuka JA, Deputy Operations Officer,

        Readiness Officer, Battle Staff Director.

NAS Whidbey Island; Oak Harbor WA, Executive Officer.


Campaigns and Combat Experience:

        WESTPAC Deployments:

                USS Midway CVA-41, 1958-59, 1959-60.
                USS Bennington CVS-20, 1962, 1964.
                USS Kearsarge CVS-33, 1969.
                USS Constellation CV-64, 1976. 
                USS Oklahoma City CG-5, 1977, 78.

 Personal Military or Aviation Career Highlights:

       S-3A development program at Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

       Commanding Officer of VS-21, S-3A Squadron aboard USS   Constellation CV-64.





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