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Entered service 9 January 1942
Enlisted A/C mechanic until July 1943-
Aviation Student, Sergeant, Aviation Cadet Program
Graduated pilot training Craig Field, AL 11 March 1945
Retired 1 August 1971
Silver Star
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross w/2 OLC
Airman's Medal
Bronze Star
Air Medal w/18 OLC
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal w/1 0LC
Army Commendation Medal w/1 0LC
Vietnamese Air Force Distinguished Service Order Second Class
Vietnamese Air Force Air Service Medal
Vietnamese Air Gallantry Medal w/ Gold wings
Republic of Vietnam Civic Action Honor Medal with Palm
Vietnamese pilot wings
Ecuadorian pilot wings
Ecuadorian Abdon Caldoron Second Class
Korean pilot wings
T-6, P-40, P-47, P-51, T-28, LT-6G, AD-3, T-33, F-94, F-89, B-25,
C-47, RB-66, RF-101, A-37, UH-1A, F-4G and others
My favorite aircraft were the p-51 and F-101. I logged over 1000 hours in each. I wish I could have flown combat in the P-51. I flew combat recce over North Vietnam and Laos in the RF-101. I bailed out of a P-51 over the Sea of Japan when the engine failed. I hit an island. I brought an RF-101 home on one engine after severe battle damage on photo run Yen Bai to Chinese border.
Enlisted crew chief, P-36, T-6 & P-47 1942
Pilot Training
Maintenance Officer thru assignments of Sqdn and wing
Quality Control Flight Test
Maintenance Control
Chief of Maintenance
Director of Material NATO F-4 49th TFW
Operations assignments
Instructor Pilot, P-51
Operations Officer, LT-6G Mosquito FAC unit in Korea
Squadron Commander, RF-101 TRW
Tactical Operations and Assistant Director of Operations TAC
Recce wing
Advisory duty assignments with
South Korean Air Force
Ecuadorian Air Force
South Vietnamese Air Force
Operations Officer with South Korean, American and Allied Mosquito
FAC crews 1952-1953
Aircraft Maintenance Advisor, Ecuador, P-47, C-47, T-33, and F-80
Initiated new gunnery program in P-47 and conversion to F-80 jet aircraft as Maintenance Officer.
Checked all Ecuadorian pilots out in T-33 1956-1958
Chief AFAT #7, Binh Tuy, RVN-worked with and supported VNAF wing
Commander with a team of 30-40 advisors, both Army and Air Force all areas.
Flew combat missions with VNAF crews in both A-37, UH-1, and H-34
Helicopter Combat Assault Operations 1968-1969
Korea- 103 Combat missions, LT-6G Mosquito FAC aircraft plus 90 days on front with Korean Units 1952-1953
Vietnam- 67 Combat missions North Photo Recce aircraft 1965
South Vietnam
162 Attack Combat missions, A-37, 182 Helicopter Combat Assault
Missions in UH-1A and H-34 1968-1969
ROADRUNNER--My men always said I moved faster than anyone and could not be caught.
I went from an enlisted P-36 crew chief to F-4 Director of Material: advised three allied Air Forces in different capacities and was awarded pilot wings in each. I attended and graduated from National War College in 1968 and was one of the few who had not completed a college degree.

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